31 Days| Day 2

Friday, October 3, 2014

So today I want to share some of my favorite quotes from Catalyst Day 1. These are courtesy of my new Twitter friend @TODDADKINS, he seems to be really inspired by the same things as me so why type all those notes right? Right... 

I did add a few here and there but he was pretty spot on! Thanks Todd! 

Be inspired! And if you are a tweeter, check these folks out and more with #catalyst14


You can not lead without intersecting with something that needs to change.

Blame is an effective change avoidance strategy . . . if you are blaming you are not leading. 

You have not been called to change the world, but you have been called to change something. 



You won't be able to change the world, the church, anything if you don't change yourself. 

The release valve for trying to be a good person is secret sin.

For your sin nature to change, the very structure of the identity of your heart must change. 

As Christians we believe things that aren't true in our hearts. We must work them into our hearts through prayer. 


If Jesus is not enough for the church, why would he be enough for the world?

A toxic heart will seep into every area of your organization.

Most of us want to visit with God, but God doesn't want visitation rights. He wants to move in. 



If the Kingdom of God is not segregated, then why is the local church? 

When your church is multiethnic mission isn't a program it's who you who you are.

The systematic segregation of the church is undermining the credibility of it. 

You can't expect to reach the community with the church if the church doesn't represent the community.  


The Christian life is the outliving of the in-living Christ.

We’ve made them Christian, but we haven’t made them disciples.

I want to preach a Gospel that represents White, Black , Jew and Gentile.

Just because you are saved doesn't mean your life circumstances are better. 



The screens of social media have become mirrors by which we measure ourselves to others!

Comparison is the number one destroyer of destiny. Comparison will kill your joy and suffocate your peace. 

Preach from your weakness and you'll never run out of material! 



No one can out-sin the cross of Jesus Christ.

It’s Jesus that saves, not my presentation of him. 

You and I are running a marathon while being stalked by our enemy and haunted by our flesh.

Don't be a slave to what sounds right! The bible is not making suggestions!

Jesus doesn't need you to make him palatable . . .He needs you to be faithful.

Your thoughts are public to the only One that really matters.

Apologetics overcomes hurdles. It doesn’t save. Only the gospel saves.

And my favorite, not from day 1 but one  I can't not share...Basicly us....

Now, I have about a hundred more, but for now let those sink in! 

Love and Blessings, 

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  1. Love Tim Keller & Matt Chandler! I'll have to check out these others too! Thanks for this post, very thought provoking.


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