31 Days Day 3 | I See Hope

Saturday, October 4, 2014

I heard a pastor preach recently that when he was growing up, his generation lived with a hope that things would be better for future generations and now they just don't feel so hopeful bc of all the atrocity in the world, that he wished things could be the way they "used to be". First it seemed like a total contradiction in itself and second, shocking to probably none of you... 

I must disagree, like passionately and unapologetically disagree. 

I see hope. 

I see a generation rising up to take their place. 

I see young and old, black and white, Hispanic, Asian, rich and poor longing to create change and empower one another... TOGETHER.

I see stay at home moms and doctors and scientists and pastors and entrepreneurs and writers and photographers and students and men collectively gathering their gifts to try and love better and give well. 

I see broken pieces creating masterpieces. 

I don't look back at history and see glory days that look much different than today's days. 

I see a generation who executed the savior on a cross, then there's the one who invaded what's now my home land in the name of newfound freedom and killed and destroyed the homeland of the native Indians who were here first. I remember stories of a generation that endured the great depression and one who was completely dehumanized and anniliated by Hitler. The millions who were torn away from their families, beaten, raped, gassed and thrown into ditches to rot, not exactly the greatest of times. 

If that's not enough terror how about the Rwandan genocide, where babies skulls were bashed against walls inside of churches and women and men were dismembered with machetes. How about the era when Southern slave owners were whipping slaves on plantations until the flesh literally tore away from their bones, all right after morning tea and reading of scriptures at a farmhouse table on a plantation in the Deep South. How about those days? 

Do we want to go back there? Are those the glory days? 

I absolutly see devastation, all around me. This summer I watched an 8 year old die, even worse I watched his three brothers not even shed a tear upon hearing the news bc it's just not what they know to do. I had lunch and the opportunity to hold hands and pray for someine directly effected by ISIS yesterday. I can't give details to protect but I won't ever unhear the story and unsee the moment we locked eyes and hearts and hands. I know there are barbaric, horrific atrocities of social injustice happening right now, but finally, I see a collective generation wanting to reach arms IN UNITY to do something, in and out of the name of Jesus. I'm not blaming a past generation or discounting the many heros who came before me, who inspire me, but I'm choosing to not discount the sacrifices of those thousands of people I absolutly see who are continuing to pave the way for my children. The argument is not of which time was better,  it's with the people who are choosing to stay comfortable and safe and and preserved, right now, while a world falls apart. They've been alive in every generation. 

Andy Stanly said this, and I quote, 

"Blame is an effective change avoidance strategy . . . if you are blaming you are not leading."

I see hope. 

I see people today taking note of the past but even more focusing on their responsibility in being the change for the future, doing thousands of small things with such passion and truly wreckless faith. I see them diving in and at least attempting to make a difference. I see so many being ok to fail 100 times if it means finally getting it right for one person in the end. 

Be encouraged! Our future is whatever we collectively work for it to be. We can CHOOSE to live in doubt and fear and negativity or we can be ENCOURAGED AND EMPOWERED by the fact that just as those small groups of evil are formed so can pockets of good. You choose. Your life will be the biggest way to influence others to stand up for our children's futures. It takes work and sacrifice and running in your lane with your gifts and not letting the world define your role in it all. 

More tomorrow, but for today what do you see? 

I see HOPE.....


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