31 Days Of I Don't Know Yet

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Well I said I was gonna do this whole October writing challenge last year and I did. For THREE whole days. 

But just whatever... 

I was trying to be someone I'm not. I was trying to program my brain to write in a series under one topic. My brain never thinks under one idea, like ever. 

A year later, I've embraced that I am in fact a wanderer. I don't work well in the confines of strict order and tight boundaries, especially when it comes to creating and curating ideas and thoughts. 

So this October I have no idea what I will write about for 31 days, but God does and as Andy Stanly just quoted at Catalyst, "what God originates, God orchestrates." 

So, pressures off... 

Here's what I got. I'm at Catalyst in Atalanta with my super hero (aka my man) and two of my best friends who do the real life daily grind with me and handfuls of others who share my heart that I know from all over the country. That's some of them above. 

Catalyst is a leadership conference for people who love Jesus. Most probably work in churches, others, like me just lead in their places bc we too have been called out for it. I've only been to one day of lab breakout sessions and I'm a hot mess. Actually, I've been so affirmed in the two areas I was absolutly dry in. So really, I'm more ready to go home and shake things up than I am a mess. That will however be messy. 

But here's the thing. 

We often try to play it so safe that we miss the SAVIOR. 


We try to avoid the mess so much that we miss the MESSAGE. 

So this month, as Andy Stanley asked us here this morning "Who are you and What breaks your heart?"

For the next 31 days I'm going to be sharing with you who I am and whatever else God asks me to. I'm gonna share with you all of it, the messes and messages that God leads me to and through. 

I hope you'll share some too. Let's do this crazy life together. 


Things of note from today. 

Dr. John Perkins
Andy Stanley
Josiah Bell
And of course my beautiful IF:Local community - you are my people and I am so proud of you. You've changed me. 

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  1. I love it! Can't wait to read what God puts on your heart. Love to you sister, see you in a couple weeks!


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