Day 6 | The Gift Of Dignity

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Well, the wait is over! Noonday's winter line is finally here! Take a look at this gift guide and then keep on reading for some other good, (tough, challenging, hard) thoughts!

I've been so challenged these past two years working with this company to take a serious look at where my stuff is made. I've also been made aware of how I, in all of my American privilege have unknowingly been contributing to so much oppression of others around the world because I have never really thought of where my stuff comes from.

But now I know a lot more and...

It hurts.

I can't unsee it, soo...

I've had to walk past some stores and pretties and things for my kids that I really loved bc I was made aware of the suffering of the hands that made them. I shop for way more things locally from small businesses and markets. I don't buy things just because nearly as much and I have begun turning our home into an open storybook where our experiences jump off of our walls and sit among our favorite rooms instead of the new cute thing I saw at Target. Everything has become, well, more intentional.

Now that I've seen and heard I can't unsee and unhear. 

It's effected everything from my coffee to my clothing to the kind of rug I am looking to put in my den. Yes, it can be maddening, but for me it's just part of it now because I believe in dignity and humanity.  

I've also seen the smiles of people who have dignified work. The curves of their faces arched to the sky, laughter bellowing out like thunder and it shook me indeed.


This isn't just jewelry, it never has been for me. 
This is about restoring dignity to another human being and not using my American freedoms to oppress someone else with my purchases. 

There are many other great places to shop ethically besides Noonday, but that happens to be my favorite! It's not easy. In fact it involves a lot of me sacrificing myself. It's  more of a financial investment, trust me, I know. BUT there is nothing more worth investing in than another human life, another families ability to keep and raise their children, another man or woman's ability to find their gifts and talents are valued and their dreams are heard. 

This holiday season from chocolate in October to the over the top shopping of Christmas will you force yourself to see the faces on the other side of your purchases. We can't do everything but we can do something. 

Being human is given, but keeping our humanity is a choice! Baltimore 

I'm flat out begging you to imagine children, the ages of your own, working as slaves in the cocoa fields for lots of our favorite chocolate brands that we heap into trick or treat bags. Or picture those same kids in factories for hours with nothing to eat as their parents choose between work or death for your favorite pair of sneakers, because ya'll human slavery is alive and well and you don't have to take my word for it. Google it. You'll see. 

And then, picture this. Freedom. Dignity. Hope.

Shop well and with purpose this year friends. I'll be giving you some great links in the coming days to help you begin the journey if you haven't already. 

Remember, every small thing counts to someone. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!! (Someone wise said that, I just can't quite remember who, again don't take my word for it...)

Shop The New Line today and grab those awesome scarves and sparkling pretties before they're gone at! Or take an even bigger step with these amazing people and open your home and your circle of influence to the opportunity of becoming game changers and a people who hold dignity and humanity in their hearts just by getting together for a trunk show! The lines are way shorter and the items are way more incredible. Just sayin... :)


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  1. I've been trying to do more of this and live more intentionally since reading 7. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement!


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