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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I have a tendency to be drawn to people who's personalities are larger than life. Recently a friend posted in my FB wall the funniest note. It said "I love you for many reasons, but one is that you yell as much as me. Show 'em what ya got Texans!!" God bless our Football Mamma hearts. It's a big deal in the south and I love our little league games bc there, the Mamma's know the plays just a well as any coach and we are serious about the W. I mean in other places you can pretend that the "if fun is had by all then it's a good game" if you want to, but in the south that's a total lie. It is. Sorry all you precious people who think everyone's a winner. Dream crusher here at your service. 

There's no place I feel more at home than surrounded by these fierce Mamma's and their voices. These passionate people, they energize me and quite frankly, sometimes those dear, sweet, meek folks just get overwhelmed with all of me so it's nice to be around other big personas sometimes. 

Christine Caine is one of those. If you have no idea who this tiny little ball of fire is, go check her out at Though she is small she is fierce!! Pretty sure someone wrote that about her. She's such a powerful voice and her story will leave you with the absolute belief that anything is possible. 

This am in my email devotion, which you can sign up for on her site, she says this: 

I’ve always heard people say, “Don’t burn bridges, because you may need them someday.” Although I understand what is implied by this statement – and am aware we must be sure to never burn people – if we are going to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for our lives, there are some bridges that we must burn.

Some bridges keep pulling us back to the past. Perhaps some relationships that are hindering us, places that we should no longer be visiting, habits that are destroying us, activities that are time wasters. If we stay too attached to such bridges, we will never have the strength to cross them and enter our future.

Ultimately, it is only by burning some bridges that you will discover you do not need them to get where you are going. God Himself is the only One who can take you there.

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!” (Isaiah 43:18-19)

I've been talking and teaching on actually opening that big life manual we Christians call the Bible and living it, not just studying the directions in it. It does absolutly no good to continually study for a test you are too afraid to take. On that journey to live purposefully we often get stuck before we even start the race. I know the above is a reason. Take it from Chris.

So simple, yet so profound. 

We can't become a healthy bridge for someone else if we ourselves continue heading down one that leads to nowhere. 

We choose what direction to move and it will take us towards God or to our graves because not fully living is pretty much the death of so many things that are in our possessions to enjoy. It takes us towards our hindrances or towards our holiness, towards our purposes or to our pain. 

It's rarely an easy choice, but it's possible. 

What bridges do you need to burn today in order to become one for someone else? Pray about it, ask God to show you clearly and give you the authority, strength and self discipline and control to walk a new walk and live a new life. Burning is part of refining, fan the flame sweet friends, fan the flame.....

Love and blessings on the journey, 

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