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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Welcome to this post by my main squeeze. He's a wise one indeed. Journey with my soldier into his thoughts of the battlefield before us... 

After spending a day with what Tom Brokaw named, “The Greatest Generation” as an Honor Flight Escort for my Uncle Kasler not long ago, I felt compelled to discuss a very controversial subject, WAR.

War is an extremely touchy subject with some, normal conversation with others, and memories for those who have seen war that would like to forget.  

It’s history, an education of things that we should/could do to prevent those same actions from happening again.  What do we do to deter war, genocide or oppression?  I do not have the answer to any of those questions, but firmly believe it starts with loving your neighbor, giving your best gift and caring.  

You must search out your own war and find those answers.  What are you at war with; family, friend, work, maybe even with God? Plato once said, “Only the dead have seen the end of war.”  One might suggest war on the battlefield, but it could be any kind of war.  I have had the honor to serve alongside brave men and women that have been combat tested and each of them have a sense of pride and a sense of humility.  War does that to people. 


WAR defined – conflict between two things (simplified Cobb version).


CONFLICT defined – (n) a disagreement or argument, (v) incompatible or at variance; clash.


As you can see the two words listed above do not have a face, color, creed, religion, geographical location or any other factor you wish to throw in there.  It is a disagreement with something; the way you look – self, the color of the paint on a wall – others preferences, where someone lives – society and prejudice.  War and Conflict are ever evolving issues that stem from segregation and hatred toward something.  It would be classified an environmental psychological behavior based off family upbringing or regional influence; the south for instance.  


Ephesians teaches us about supernatural battles; the battle not of flesh and blood.  While, Revelations tells of “great battles” yet to come and the Old Testament is full of battlefield heroics and disappointments.  Have you ever really looked at Moses as a battle field commander? 


Maybe it’s just me, but he seems to fit the mold. 

Brave – went face-to-face with Pharaoh about some serious stuff. 

Bold – stood his ground against insurmountable odds (Pharaoh). 

Fit – that brother walked and walked and walked in the desert.  If you’ve ever been in a desert you know what I mean.

Love – showed his people he truly loved them.

Served – was a servant to the most High God and to his people.

Care – cared enough that he would die for any of them.

Humble – did not boast, brag or place himself on a pedestal.  He didn’t even get to go into the “promised land.”  Can’t even imagine how he felt about that.

He knew the battle, studied the environment and moved out.  

What in your environment prohibits you from serving in the direction you should go?  You can start by finding out what your “God Given Mission is.”


GOD GIVEN MISSION = “What breaks your heart?”  Andy Stanley asked this question at a conference I recently attend and it comes down to this:


“Fear not, for I have broken your heart for a purpose,” God. 


We have not been charge with changing the world, but to change something that has been Divinely Inspired.  Andy Stanley said this, “What God originates, God orchestrates.”  If God has put a burden and broken your heart, the only way to heal it is to do it.  You will be so filled with joy, have a sense of belonging and a deeper relationship with God, when you “just do it!”


It  not easy to look back on some of the opportunities that God put before me and I failed HIM, let HIM down and just flat out walked away on OTHERS. It isn't easy to follow God to the brokenness He may lead you to, but it isn't easy to stare missed opportunity in the face either..

What truly breaks your heart?  What makes you sick to your stomach and makes you want to fight?  Do you know what it is?  

Guess what? You just answered the hard question of “What breaks your heart and what God has set inside of you to overcome.”  The journey is only beginning and there will be obstacles and trials along the way, but they are only there to help guide you and make you strong and help others when they need it most.


Final thought, “If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.” Martin Luther King Jr.






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