The Mourning After

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's the morning after and the mourning after.  I've been here before. The sick pit of anguish in my soul. The heartbreaking feeling of loss and despair. Except this time, the weight isn't for just myself but for a nation spiraling out if it's perceived control. 

But God... 

This is how we change society and erase lines drawn in the sand bc how hard would it be to hate if we were living as a reflection of the humanity, love, safety, kindness, integrity, respect, and on and on... that we ask for ourselves. It's hard to have such strong feelings for someone who's living with arms open instead if fists drawn. It's easier to build trust with those carrying servant hearts of Jesus rather than the arrogant attitude of the self made American entitled to whatever they can dream up. And THIS is exactly how we must teach our children to determine success. Not in power or wealth or control, but in the everyday posture of humility and wisdom and integrity.  

We've created a country who longs to conquer more and more and more and we wonder why we are now like a freight train sliding off it's tracks reeking havoc and chaos and the way. 

We hold the power of life and death, of light and dark, of peace and pain. What will you choose? It will be the hardest thing you've ever done to go against the American dream to find the real living and real joy is found far below that prestigious title, the club membership, the church role, the zip code or moms group. True living comes from a deep altruistic heartbeat. True joy and peace come in loving well. 

When your focus becomes people, of bringing back the power of generous humanity over ideas of control {false sense if safety} or things {false sense of importance} you'll discover the real treasure trove. But the road is narrow and sometimes rocky and uncomfortable and so dense you can't see your next step. I pray you'll take it any way and I pray we meet along the way. 

#bethechange #peopleoverthings #ferguson #peaceoverpower #reconcilliationoverreform

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