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Thursday, December 4, 2014

My friends.. We are waking up today in a difficult time. A time when racial tensions are high, where hurt is raw and real and where so many feel outrage. I'm bombarded with reminders that humanity is so broken. I'm in bed still today bc my heart hurts and I honestly have been beating my fists at the gates if heaven asking why... Tears sting, emotions flair and it all just burns like a red coal inside my chest. 

People are DYING at the hands of moral authority. And regardless of how you feel about those people or the authority or the situations surrounding them, please don't just click past the posts or flip the channels. Please don't continue to isolate yourself among those just like you, whoever you are, and stand firm on your ideals that "there isn't a problem" or that " those people are the problem" whoever those people are to you. Don't choose comfort over Christ. Don't choose your people over Gods people. Don't dwindle this down to something that doesn't effect you. It does. 

There needs to be spaces for dialogue with all kinds of people, especially in the Church, especially among your communities. If you know me well, you know I am so passionate about this ALL THE TIME because it EFFECTS HOW YOUR REACT IN TIMES LIKE TODAY. 

Friends, do you know why it matters to you? If you want to be really self focused? It matters to be a part of diversity because if you only see God from people who look and talk and live like you do most all the time you are missing out on the fullness of Him. You are settling for knowing only part of His identity. We are in desperate need of all of Him. I don't know a person alive who needs just the middle class white version of God I can tell them about or the poors version or the filthy rich version... We need all of Him and If we are all created in His image and He commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves we need each other... We need to hear one another, to better understand one another. To live in relationship with one another with open arms. 

We need more spaces, more places where all kinds of us believers can have conversations and I believe that begins with a posture of humility and love and arms of invitation. When we seek to unite with Christ first, with genuine love first, it is so hard to have fists clinched. To see one another as mirror images of Christ and reasons he bled and died changes how we see humanity and her brokenness. It's tricky but I think it's way more possible that we give it the opportunity to be. Sin will always divide, sin will always separate and evil will always devour where He has a foothold, but when we link arms and circle one another from all sides our shield of protection stands strong, even in the greatest adversity. This isn't a skin problem, it's a SIN problem. 

If our hope is in nothing but Jesus, not in justice or the church or the circle were born into it's so much easier to behave and articulate in a different manner, but hoping in Earthly things, even Godly ones like the church or our pastor or your mentor lead. us to eventual despair bc those things will fail. We will fail. 

I pray for more open circles with focused eyes on the ultimate healer, reconciler and redeemer and for way more voices who's words and actions are birthed from hope in HIM and love for HIM. I pray those words and actions will become a catalyst for justice and peace and love for one another. It's a heart issue, may we all position ourselves lower. I pray for open arms and hearts and living rooms for people to be invited across all lines. 

I pray for us to live worthy of our callings, in Jesus's spirit of inclusion and invitation. I pray that we are seekers of hope in Him alone and out of that, overflowing cisterns of His healing love to each other, red, yellow, black and white... 

On Earth as it is in Heaven...


I'm going to be posting later about an opportunity to bring dialogue to the table, but today just pray and if you are one of my dear friends who's not a Christian and you are reading this, there is ALWAYS a place for you at the table too. Always. Your thoughts and feelings and experiences matter. 

If you want a place to meditate or begin start with Isaiah 61 or Ephesians 4. Let the words guide your prayers. 



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