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Sunday, January 25, 2015

| p h o t o s  b y  j a x  -  9 y e a r s  o l d |
So dear ones! I have introduced myself, after | m o n t h s | of skepticism to Stitch Fix and now I'm over here all like "what in the world did I wait so long for" and "why on earth wouldn't you do this" and "I've never loved shopping so much" and "it feels like Christmas, let's make it two boxes a month"  Ughhh my skeptical tendencies keep me a day late and dollar short sometimes. Anyway, I've drunk the Stitch Fix Kool-Aid from the cute box delivered to my door and 

I'm a B E L I E V E R!
So, here's the bottom line.
STEP ONE: Go here to my referral link and get the ball rollin'.
You take 5 minutes to breeze through and online style profile, giving your sizes and choosing yay or nay from photos of differently styled clothes. Clearly I was yay to all things comfy, chill, cozy, flowy, boho and American made or ethically sourced, because just that. This made my items a little more expensive but for me, knowing what I know about where our stuff is made it's important         
|M A N D A T O R Y| for me to be intentional in every way I can when I have the chance. So...
STEP 2: Delivery Date and Payment Details
After the super easy style profile you set up a quick delivery date and enter your card info. Each month you receive a box with 5 items. I opted out of receiving accessories, because hello,           
N O O N D A Y.... :) But then when I got the first two I was slightly obsessed and bumped my fix up to twice a month... 

F I X it is...
So, with each fix there is a $20 style fee regardless of whether or not you keep any items. This pays the | precious, smart, cooler than me on a million levels | stylist who shops for me each month. She's a jewel. I now see her as my online bff. So, it's not a waste, plus it covers shipping to you and back if you return any items.
If you choose to keep items, you get to apply that $20 to your purchase! 

W I N N I N G, and if you choose to buy all five items you get a 25% off discount. So much fun right! Remember you set the price points for your fix by category, so you determine your price range. Mine go from $30-$80 usually per item because of my above choices | safe, fair, good, honest labor|.
STEP 3: Get your fix!
The pretty magic box finally appears that you have stalked the mailman for! Open her up, gasp, giddily try on all the things and model them for your family, who probably doesn't care, unless you are me and you middle child is O B S S E S E D with the whole thing.
Here's my most recent fix! I will start to blog about each one from now on since all of you are so interested. I will also do more professional pictures in the future, maybe...  I kind of love that my 9 year old wants to help and while they are not perfect and are actually pretty dark and grainy, his sweet heart to want to be involved is perfection, so heart wins all the time!
It's fun to share the love and it forces me to write about something I know not so much about.. fashion. But I do know how clothes make me feel and how they help provide employment for so may around the world and who doesn't love shopping without leaving the house and having to fake feeling cute before you actually go to buy what you are looking for to make you feel cute?
Hello, all the mamma's said A M E N!
Item #1 Katie Silk- Front Blouse
This top is the perfect color for me, literally like a copper penny. So pretty and it has a cream color back that as you can see is long enough to cover the bum if I wanted on throw on leggings or jeggings, which I will because I love comfy, cozy.. 

BUT LONG TOPS BECAUSE LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS... Just sayin'. The top is long enough too, no lady parts showing.. (That was for my Noonday Rwanda Sisters By The Way)


So the photo above is styled with the Ready Or Knot Necklace and the Jinja Scarf (retired) from Noonday.

This is styled again with the Ready Or Knot, Sunbeam Earrings, Delta River bangles, Very Versatile Bracelet and Feathered Fringe (retired) | all Noonday| and a ring form Brazil that I wear nearly every day, because I love big rings.
Item #2 Edel Open Drape Jacket
I loved the print of this but the style just wasn't for me. It was a smidge too big and the front of the cardigan was just too bulky for my chest. Story of my life :( But on someone else it would have been beautiful over the top from above.
This one styled with the  awesome Roar Necklace, Sunshower Earings, Konjo Bracelet (retired) all Noonday & my Tagua ring from Brazil. 

Item #3 Sylvan Mixed Material Top
I loved this top as well. It was a comfy cotton that was sheer in the front with an actual sheer back in a darker navy. Because of the slouchyness of it it was a smidge to big for me and just didn't do anything to accentuate the curves. It was a great V-neck so this is one I may request again in a smaller size. I am super hard to fit up top. I am so sad because I really wanted this to work.
I styled the first look with some vintage Noonday and my favorite Angelica Scarf! The south's weather constitutes many layers because we just never know if we will still be freezing or sweating after lunchtime. Scarves are a great way to accessorize staple items like this navy top.

I love, love, love a good statement necklace and because of the earthy tones of this along with the pop of pink this is a great transition into spring! Such an easy, light piece that wears beautifully and feels much lighter than it looks. The photo doesn't' do the top justice, it is super cute!

Item #3 Roxanne Striped Fringe Cardigan and I gasp.....
I love textiles and texture and this has my name written all over it is the brightest ink there ever could be! It is super well made and  makes the simple navy shirt from above a statement outfit without a lot of work and while being super cozy. I wore it to church this am and got so many compliments!  I love layers as I said above because the south...... so unpredictable!

I styled this so simply with one of my favorite necklaces from my beautiful friends Jalia and Daniel. They own and operate Ajuna African Style which is a partner artisan of Noonday Collection. The deep purple paper beads and dark metallic seed beads are a perfect statement while keeping the earthy feel that the sweater brings. Love, Love, Love
Then I just got a little CRAZY as I looked over at my Noonday shelf. There are so many amazing pieces that I could style this cardigan with. Here are a few from left to right.
Boho Super Casual Look: featherweight cuff, safari stack paper bead bracelets, entwined bracelet, large cowhorn hoops, Kampala necklace all Noonday.
Mixed Metal Look: sedona necklace, phoenix earrings, helena necklace as a bracelet, native wrap bracelet | all Noonday | also, a terracotta bead bracelet from travels to Haiti and a ring from brazil

  Item #5 Banks Skinny Jeans
I really loved these jeggings, perfect size and length, but I already have some that are very similar and since I just bought an obnoxious amount of Noonday's spring line due to launch in Feb, I had better not right now. Self Control! Great jeans though and made right here in the USA.

My Fix Style Card
Each fix comes with a style card that gives you two ways to wear each item. This is a great way to pair new items with items you already own or to communicate with your stylist to send on your next fix! Visuals are super for people like me.


All in all, I could make at least 10 outfits if not more from this one fix! I consider my stylist to be a rockstar, she can't help my body doesn't always comply. :)  
So, I must leave you now because there are kids coming in and pulling on me because they want to eat and be snuggled and be entertained. My shopping/story time has come to a screeching halt. I have added the stitch fix blog button to my sidebar. you can click there anytime to get started! I wouldn't recommend anything I haven't done myself and worst case scenario you just quit if you hate it. Not sure how that would be possible, but at any rate it's an option! You can not spend $20 and have so much fun shopping from home!
So, go here or to the blog button to your right and get your fix on! And post photos in the comments! See you all in two weeks when my next fix arrives!

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