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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hey y'al! I am so excited about what I am about to share, and if I am honest, a tad bit nerve racked that NO ONE will respond. Seriously. It's a brave thing to put dreams out for the free world! But here I am and I pray you will join me!

I have LOTS of unanswered questions, but there's no doubt that I was born to do three things.

Inspire &

I have learned so much in my experiences with so many amazing people along the way and I want to honor that, not just for me, but for those that have poured into my life and walked with me down this little adventure with God and me. There's so much more to learn and our shared experiences are some of the best teachers! 

That said, I've been dreaming and creating (two more things I know I was born to do) and I've come to the descision that if I don't ever start I've wasted all Gods gifts on great ideas. So, here we are! 

There's no doubt that my Noonday journey has connected me to some of the most incredible women on the planet, Strong, powerful, brave, resilient women! 

I want to honor you. 
I want to tell your story. 

If you are under the sound of my written voice, I want you to be a part of my first series of telling others about the change makers in my life called in a new little space on the blog I'm simply calling "Influencers."

I have only one word from God and its ENGAGE.

It came to me as plain as day on the way to a Trunkshow and although it wasn't an audible voice from God, I've rarely heard Him speak so clearly. I had no clue what that meant, but  I've been praying about it and thinking about it for weeks and this is where it's led. 

Because I want to be intentional in being present in my life story right now, I want to begin with the women in my story now. And currently many of those are my Noonday people near and far. Your words and lives have the most influence in my life. The way you live in your marriages and struggles and joys are the things that grow me. 

Noonday shows aren't at all just about pretty jewelry or selling or buying for me. In fact that's the least of my passion in regards to my work with Noonday. My passion lies in the stories of women, the weaving together of the fibers of who we are and how we interact with our realities and the realities of others around the world and down the street. There's power in connection, in vulnerability, in connection and community. 

I want to engage 8 women in the month of April by helping them share their story! 

Together we will educate, inspire and empower with their lives, the real, authentic spaces of the deeper story. It doesn't have to be traumatic or a drastic redemption to be powerful. Some of the most inspiring people to me are the ones who look shockingly normal. We will connect their threads to those new opportunities they've encountered through Nonday and reveal what has changed or bloomed or been reignited in them. We'll grow our community around shared tables and through 8 super special events that you will be able to follow right here!!! I don't have a clue what this looks like, or who those 8 will be!! 
So, if you are under the sound of my written voice and you want to be one of the 8 who bravely invites people in, message me at now! If you are reading and know an amazing woman that I may not know so deeply, who has a brave story to share, send her my way. 

If you have the following characteristics and can agree to the following requests you are my girl! 
1- be passionate about inviting women to your table to share your story and connect in a deeper level. 
2- take the initive to invite women and be clear about the purpose for which you have called them together: 
• to engage on a deeper level through sharing your story and being open to hearing theirs. 
• to educate them on the impact that an artisan partner story had on your life, dreams, goals, mindset.
• to inspire them to be vulnerable &  brave with their story and open to using it to build from. 
• empower them to live with arms open to community both near and far, helping them create a posture of hospitality, making time to invite others into their lives. 

Women will need to choose from one of the following 8 dates in April and allocate about three hours with set up and take down for the event. I will provide all details and invitation materials. Each ever will ask include special treats for the storytelling hostess, and a mini photoshoot with her friends to document the community they live in together! Events can take place in homes, over picnics in the park, at a coffe shop or wherever there is space for us to share our real life selves with one another. The available dates are: 
April 9th     10-noon or 7-9pm
April 16th   7-9pm
April 17th   10am- noon or 7-9pm
April 18th   10-noon 
April 20th   7-9pm
April 23rd   7-9pm
April 30th.  7-9pm

Your story matters friends! I'm so looking forward to sharing it! 

Love & Blessings, 

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