For My People... I Am For You

Sunday, May 24, 2015

We must not remain quiet observers to other people's affliction. 

We must speak out for those with a voice no one can hear, ones shamed or coerced into silence. 

Sexual abuse is not just a sin. It is a crime, one that is an equal opportunity offender crossing class and race and religious belief. 

Healing doesn't lie in only forgiving and forgetting but amongst many, many other things also in being empowered to believe Justice belongs to the abused, whether they get it or not. 

It only takes one voice to speak light into that dark place to bring the beginnings of validation and worth to life in a victims mind. 

For a victim to be made to feel they were worth a fight it is freeing, shame erasing and hope giving. 

Many people, former victims included, choose to not confront because it's hard and for some it's painful. It forces them to shift or shatter their comfortable, safe, self created reality and deal with unfinished business of their own healing. This recovery- it's a life thing. This acknowledgement that this evil exists is overwhelming. BUT we can do hard things in Christ. The cross was hard, but the spirit in Him is the Spirit in us. 

So many more thoughts, but today and every day my prayers and heartaches lie with my sisters and brothers who are aching- watching people not acknowledge, stand up, speak out, confront and face evil head on because their hurt doesn't translate as worth a hard talk, a swift report or an abuser brought to justice. For you who are hearing "mistake" and "forgive" roll off tongues without "accountability" and "Justice" I am with you. I am you, I hear you. 

Do not believe for one second that there aren't an army of people in your corner believing that confrontation is important not to condemn, but because it hopefully leads to protection of future victims and repentance and rehabilitation and accountability of past abusers. We are here. We hear you. We are you. We love you. 

Today I pray that you know your are shameless and blameless and beautiful and worthy of a hard confrontation, in the eyes of so many. Carry on you brave souls, you are not alone. #speaklife #bettertogether #bethechange #givinggodouryes 

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