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Sunday, May 24, 2015

It's been a while since I've posted anything Noonday related around here. Life with lots of school aged kids is just time consuming! And I've loved being consumed by them in this season. It goes so quickly. I don't wanna miss a thing! 

That said school is almost out and Noonday has created an awesome opportunity. If you've been thinking of hosting a show but thought you may want to wait till fall, think again! 

Check out these new hostess benefits for shows held June 1 - July 31. 

  • Based off the show sales total, the half off items will be increased by 1 (compared to the standard rewards)
  • Based of the show total, the % of free product credit earned will increase by 5% (compared to the standard rewards).
  • For qualifying Adoption shows, the flat 10% in cash increases to 15% cash. EXCEPT if your Adoption show total is $3,000 or more, it increases to 20% CASH!!!
  • AND - based off her June or July qualifying show total, the Hostess will get to shop the entire new fall line at 15% / 20% / 25% percent off from August 1 - 30, 2015, with a one time use coupon code.
AND, as if that wasn't enough hostesses can earn more freebies if they have friends book shows from their show! You get to truly help me spread The stories of our artisans by helping me show your friends how much fun and how easy and fulfilling hosing can be! 

Here's the incentive:

If I book ONE show AT a June 1-July 31 show: the current Hostess gets a pair of our Charmed Hoop earrings for FREE ($34 retail value) upon completion of her qualifying show. 

If I Book TWO shows AT a June 1-July 31 show: the current Hostess gets a pair of our Charmed Hoop earrings ($34 retail value), and our Sparkling Necklace, Sea Green ($36 retail value) for FREE upon completion of her qualifying show. 

If I book THREE or more shows AT a June 1-July 31 show: the current Hostess gets a pair of our Charmed Hoop earrings ($34 retail value), our Sparkling Necklace, Sea Green ($36 retail value) AND our Soaring High Necklace ($36 retail value) for FREE upon completion of her qualifying show.

The future Hostess' show must take place on or before August 31, 2015.

Every hostess who has a friend host a show will also be entered into a drawing for a $100 Noonday gift card to use in addition to your one time voucher with the new line. Because I am generous like that and I love meeting new people, YOU are how I do that! 

So for all of you who are on the fence, let's go for it! Maybe an end of school party with Mamma's and daughters or a show during the day while kids are at camp? I have had quite a few yummy brunches and I'm happy to provide the makings for a mimosa & mocktail bar! 

Message me today for your date!

I also want to share a bit of my "why" with you and invite you to come along! 

Last year I traveled to Rwanda with Noonday to meet our artisans. My heart was forever changed and the passion I have for creating a connection between my Noonday loving friends and our artisan partners exploded! These women are so strong and so beautiful and so joyful! They are taking a huge risk to dream again, to believe in success and opportunity again or some even for the first time. 

Once I left Rwanda, I hopped in a plane solo and flew to Uganda. While I was there I was able to visit Jalia and Daniel's shop, meet her baby brother and see the paper bead process up close. It is incredible! We even enjoyed yummy Indian food and very odd karaoke!

I also spent almost a week in Jinja with my friends Asher and Drü Collie founders of Sole Hope. Those days were easily some of the most difficult I've ever experienced. Watching these sweet kids have jiggers removed was more than I could handle at times, but watching the way they ran and played after was profound. They are so brave.

This trip changed everything for me. Another mountain top experience where I saw God through such a different lens. I knew I'd go back. There are so many things that draw me back to that beautiful place. 

This fall, I am going back and I am taking my middle son, Jax with me!!! 

He has been all about this love affair with a foreign land that is Africa since I began my journey with Noonday. He's read books, asked a million questions and hauled his share of swag to trunk shows right beside me. He has met Jalia and Daniel and baby Zed, still in Jalia's belly in the photo above 😀, and he loves trying to copy Zach and Zoe's accents as they voice message each other back and forth learning things about eachother. 

Brent and I want to share this world with our children. We want them to fall in love with the many faces of God that they can only experience on distant shores.  We want them to see the world and all the beauty of it and yes we want to navigate the hard stuff, not shelter them from it. We want them to learn about the world from our context, not the contex of culture or media alone. 

Why Jax? Well, he's my sage, my little boy face with an aged, tender soul. I want to open his eyes to his opportunities to use his gifts to make the world a better place. His heart has been pricked and his spirit ignited. We want him to see with childlike abandon and dream with that wild and free faith! 

So that said, my WHY for work has expanded yet again. 

Expanded, not changed.

I also very much believe in the power of presence. I have seen what it means for women to lock eyes and share embraces and just know they are seen, heard and loved. To know we're all connected. It matters. 

So Brent and I have prayed and we've decided we are going to go for it. Jax and I have lots of work to do as I am sure you can imagine this adventure will be a huge expense and journey of faith. I work for women to be empowered to work and I know that God will do the same for me. He will give me work. He blew me away with opportunity just a year ago and I know He can do it again! 

So, if you've thought of hosting? Would you do it? 

The time couldn't be better! Increased rewards now and an awesome voucher to shop the new line in August, not to mention the opportunity to empower not only our artisans but Jax and I as well, as we embark on the next chapter of giving God our yes! 

We'd love to share the journey and our hearts with you more! Jax will be working with me all summer to help earn his trip. He's the cutest Noonday assistant and travel companion I could ever ask for! :)  

Host a show with your girlfriends now and hear more about what our trip will entail and what the updates are from our amazing artisan partners all the while earning mucho grande Noonday rewards :) 

Also, if this is something you would be interested in, please message me for details. There may be additional spots available with the group we will be traveling with! This is NOT affiliated with Noonday in any way. It is simply inspired by my travel with the group last summer. 

And just for kicks and because it makes my heart smile, here's a snapshot of the kiddos with sweet baby Zed on their recent trip to the states! Our dream is to have ALL of them together soon! 

So... Are you ready? 

Let's do this!! 

Message me to grab your date at: or call me at 864-787-3343

Together we can build a flourishing world, where children are cherished, people have jobs, women are empowered and we are connected! 



"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ask or imagine by the spirit living in us...." 

Ephesians 3:20

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