Words From A Mamma Heart... When School Is Hard

Saturday, June 6, 2015

For every parent out there who's child learns differently or has been slapped with a label that requires  you to choke back tears and fight to make sure your child is seen as more than their struggles academically, for the ones of you who have ached watching them feel different and struggle to understand and keep up. For those who know the value of a super hard earned A and a super hard earned C, for those who like me, jump up and shout when they call your baby's name at awards day, even when they just said wait till the end... (Yeah, just couldn't... So sorry I'm not sorry).

To you parents, I pray for you and your brave little one a teacher just like this one. Mrs. Anders has made all the difference in the world in this little boys life this year. 

She has pulled him out for extra help, given him opportunities to showcase what's in his brain in a way that works for him and has hugged and loved and laughed and encouraged him every day since he walked in her door. 

She didn't settle for the fact that maybe he just wasn't a high achiever, she didn't accept that he just couldn't keep up. She did the work to help us figure out what it was that we had been struggling to put out finger on. She faught for him, advocated for him, got a splotchy red neck for him, 🙊 &  because of her, he finished the year with more than just good grades, but he finished with CONFIDENCE and DIGNITY! 

There are no words or gestures to repay that, but I promise you, our family will never ever forget how much you have given of yourself and your gifts. He is a pretty terrific kid and it means the world to us that you saw it in each one of your students, not just ours. 

As I've watched you this year, I've seen how you love them all this way. Jax wasn't unique or special or your favorite. You treat each of them that way because it's your job and it's the standard by which you conduct yourself as an educator. It's easy to pick out favorites, it's honorable to be consistent and excellent across the board. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have set a high bar my friend! I wish you all the love and joy in the world. We're gonna miss the heck out of you!  

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