What Are You Waiting For?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

I read this a few days ago and it fanned the flame of seeking justice for me. It reminded me  WHY Noonday is so important to me. It's not pretty jewelry, although it is incredible but more than that it's opportunity, it's empowerment, it's dignified work for me and thousands of other women. 

We (you + me) aren't giving our artisan partners a VOICE or a TALENT, we are giving them ACCESS to a world that EMPOWERS them to earn a living for their WORK. 

If it bothers you to read those statistics and you have not opened your door to host a show, or made a purchase what are you waiting for? It matters. 

Did you know the ARTISAN SECTOR is the second largest job producer next to AGRICULTURE worldwide? Truth, straight from the fair trade world. If we want to fight for justice against stats like this and all the things that follow them, like sex trafficking, human slavery and child labor, lack of education and disease, we need to continue to empower the people where the  opportunity is. 

Supporting people in textiles, jewelry and accessories is where we have the largest opportunity to make a global impact because it's hard to buy fresh food from artisans in Uganda or Vietnam or Haiti- although they are amazing and organic :) 

Say YES to changing those stats. Let me come talk to you about WHY your voice matters and HOW we together are making the scale tip. Noonday alone has increased wages and household incomes of thousands of artisans in our five years. There are other companies doing awesome things as well, but this is my opportunity right NOW, to pull YOU into this opportunity to use your voice, purchasing power and INFLUENCE for good. 

If you want to be a change maker email me today or comment below and I'll contact you. 


Let's not let these numbers stay this way on our watch. Now, what are you waiting for? 

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