Jax and The Giant Number Wall

Sunday, September 20, 2015

What are all these crazy numbers on Jax's wall you ask? 

Last year I was able to travel to Rwanda and Uganda to serve alongside two amazing organizations and as a part of another amazing business that I work in as the role of ambassador. The people who ran the organizations that I traveled with became friends and the memories of those two weeks run through my mind and leave little orangey red African clay footprints behind every single day. 

knew before I left that I would return to the clay roads of Africa. I had no idea I'd come back with my son. But, his heart has been opened to the depth of the Father's love for the world and I want to engage that while he's aware of the Spirit moving. I want him to see and feel and continue to be curious. I want to take advantage of relationships he's made with kids a cross the world and encourage them to flourish! 

This fall we are returning together to continue supporting Africa New Life in Rwanda and Sole Hope in Uganda. We'll also stop and see some other friends who are doing amazing things in their community through job creation and missional work that their bussiness now allows them to do. 

Many of you helped him believe in his dream of returning to Africa by supporting his little farming business this summer! 

You came by, encouraged him, bought vegetables and allowed him to save enough money to get his passport PLUS some! He has so much fun working in the garden this summer with his Dad and he really did take pride in earning money towards his trip! 

Our deadline is approaching Quickly. Nothing like believing God for BIG things FAST!

We need $4,500 in the next few weeks to make that happen. It's crazy- I know. Trust me, the pressure is on over here but I am BELIEVING HIM for myself and my kiddo. 

Back to the crazy numbers! 

• Every number represents a dollar amount that we need donated! 

• Every dollar amount also represents an act of kindness that will be done by Jax and I in your honor to someone in our very own community! 

There's also some fun perks assigned to all donations! 

We have an awesome bussiness, (YES BUSSINESS) opening very soon and you will receive one of these perks below with your donation! It's a fun shop, I PROMISE! 

$1-$19 will receive 10% off one HANDSTAMPED item. 
$20-$29 will receive %20 off one HANDSTAMPED item.
$30-$39 will receive 30% off one HANDSTAMPED  item.
$40-$49 will receive 40% off one HANDSTAMPED item. 
$50-$59 will receive 50% off one HANDSTAMPED  item. 
$60-$69 will receive 60% off one HAMDSTAMPED item. $70-$79 will receive 70% off one HAMDSTAMPED item. 
$80- $100 will receive ONE HANDSTAMPED ITEM FREE!

You will scroll down to the image that says GIVE TO A MISSION TEAM MEMBER like the image below. Choose our names from the drop down menu. 


Your donations never touch our hands, but instead go straight through the organization hosting us. Every donation you make empowers not only us to return and continue supporting local leaders on the ground, but it will also begin funding what we plan on being a long term partnership of empowerment in those communities.

We believe in:

Holistic care in our own communities and in communities across the world.

We know that children and adults need to have basic needs met but in order to be spiritually, physically and emotionally healthy they need education, jobs, healthcare and community development and often times, for the most victimized, they also need counseling and legal guidance. 

The beauty of what we have seen is that there are AMAZING people, like our friends, already doing that. Our dream is to connect more people to them. We want to connect you, our friends to things bigger than ourselves. We want to spend our lives and our money well, on things that matter. 

People matter. 

My son's dream is to connect kids to kids and to empower his friends to see the world and it's people the way he gets to. 

He has plans in his giant heart and I am cheering him on and doing my best to see them come to light! 

Your donations can be made here:  http://bit.ly/amandaandjax2Rwanda

but please email me at: info@spokenforshop.com so that I can issue your matching gift certificate to the shop!

You can follow us over on Instagram @spoken.for.shop and Twitter @spokenforshop to catch us on opening day! 

I can not wait to share it with you! 

Thank you for supporting us as we attempt to be obedient in chasing after Jesus. We can not do it without the work of the Spirit in our community and among His people! For it we are grateful! We can't wait to see where we journey together!

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