S E V E N • D A Y S • TO • R W A N D A

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Well, it's seven days till take off and I thought I'd take this week to reflect on why it is that I'm going to Rwanda, so many of you have asked. 

Beautiful, broken, wrecked and redeemed. Sound familiar? Does to me. 

This quote by Mark Twain pretty much covers it and is a great introduction. 

To see the world is to see more of who God is and equally as important more of how real His adversary is. To be educated by books and humans, who as a whole, are mostly influenced only their limited knowledge of what they have been taught in their places and experiences, completely eliminates the magic and brilliance of the millions of other people, systems, communities and lifestyles around the globe- so beautifully and purposefully created by God and with his knowledge. It helps you to also grieve and empathize deeply with those who are suffering in places unimaginable and to see how the greed of man and the sin that was born in is destroys in epic proportions so many lives God dearly loves.  

To appreciate and understand more of Him, we need to see and experience more of Him. Hearing how He's working out brokenness in a remote village of Bugesera, Rwanda doesn't "make me feel lucky" it makes you feel connected. 

There is beauty in far away places that just can't be held until you're there. And once you've held beauty from afar, your  entire perspective shifts. Every situation, every news story, every interaction is seen through a hundred lenses at once, because now you can't just see things from your reality, but you imagine it from the hearts and minds of so many others living in far different circumstances than your own. 

You know understand how many different ways there are to see one story, one experience, you hear how beautifully one song of worship can be sung in different styles or languages and yet still be breathtaking, captivating worship! It clearly allows you to see how vast the Father's hand reaches for His children. 

I have questioned a million things about the Bible if I'm honest. Even recently, with lots of fear and doubt and uncertainty. But it all comes back to two things for me. 

1- Love God, Love People. 
All kinds of them, not just the ones who are like you, who think like you, look like you and talk like you but all of them. Yes that is broad. But love begins with an open door to ALL. How long they remain is another issue, but love begins with open doors and open minds. With a heart of generosity and with eyes who see value and worth like the Father. 

2- Jesus. He seals the deal. And if heaven's not real and this whole thing is a crock, then aiming to live a life like Jesus did is not a lost cause for me. I am sort of obsessed with him. He's my favorite. If I could have dinner with a person dead or alive- Jesus. Hands down. I want to know Him so much more, but His gift to me, that comes in place of being able to sit with Him- is sitting around a table with the people He died for, all over this great big world. I see Him in the single mom, the bus driver, the flight attendant, the pastor, the children who swarm me when I step off the bus into the red clay, the angry, broken, and abused. I see him in the eyes of the widow who faithfully cares for an entire village of kids because she believes we are one family in Him. I see him in the friends who are our family because they believe it too. I see it in the hearts that gave and made it possible for my son to have this daring adventure with Jesus and his Mamma at 9, the ones who bought vegetables from his garden, who supported our new shop, who let him out of school for two weeks with excused absences, who have high fived him and been excited for him. I see Jesus in so many people- from the bustling streets of Greenville to the dusty red clay roads of Rwanda and back again. Every face is bearing part of His persona, even if they don't know it. 

He gives me His creation to know Him more and the tenacity, faith and community to make seeing it and serving alongside the people of it possible. Jesus was a traveler, among many things and He stayed where He was welcome and dusted His soles off and moved on from where He was not. Rwanda welcomed me with open arms- literally. She brought me in, loved me so beautifully and invited me back- why oh why would I ever say no to that. Here's to knowing Him more and raising up the generation behind me to persue Jesus and the God who is the most brilliant creative, with fervor and perseverance... 

More on that tomorrow. 

Till then, love and blessings, 


S E V E N •D A Y S • 2 •R W A N D A 

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  1. So excited for you guys! And a little jealous. :) Praying for you all!


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