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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This was so refreshing to read. There will always be people who meet injustice and just get mad and start to place blame and then there are people who actually count the cost and do something anyway. I loved this and I plan to dive farther in personally. I'm also gonna go deeper here. And I am well aware I may get eaten alive. But it's worth a discussion. 

It's one thing to oppose something like abortion. It's another to DO something. I have heard so often recently about voting one way bc of this single issue and I simply sit back and ask WHAT ARE YOU DOING to to treat the underlying issues of which abortion is a symptom? I ask not what is your party doing, but what are YOU doing? 

Are you inclusive to young people who are at risk? Do you even know any? Do you train your children in the immense responsibility of caring for others? Do you teach your girls about the value of their beings- mind, body and soul? Or are you the don't do drugs, drink or have sex patent? Do your kids understand their worth? Do they know UNCONDITIONAL love? Does your church care for orphans and widows in a tangible way or is is simply just another sermon on Sunday? Do you allow your children to associate with people at risk and invite them into your home where you may be the only Jesus they see or you you build walls? Do you mentor? Do you invest in the foster care system? Have you taken one of these precious babies in your home who some brave mom made the choice to give up to a better life? Or do you build walls, "protect your own" family, secure their "needs" better known as your desired quality of life? Have you reached out to the family near you who is doing this hard work? 

Have you sat with a pre or post abortive mom and listened as she grieves the choice she felt led to make? Do you let yourself feel the weight of her shame or do you just sit back in your self righteousness and peer over the plank in your own eye- the one that somehow allows you to think that casting a vote means you e done your part to help someone make "the right" choice? 

Are you HIDING behind a pro life vote knowing in reality you have personally done nothing else to heal the brokenness that reveals itself in the practice of abortion? 

I don't know? I think there are people who will vote and spend the rest of their lives actually getting their hands dirty, investing in the people this issue affects. I believe there are a ton of people who are out there fighting to help women make a more informed choice. But I also believe there are also a ton of people who are using their vote as a clanging symbol and nothing else in their life really shows fruit of their conviction. In fact what their life shows is a lot of judgement, blame placing and hate. 

Do something. If you don't know what to do- this looks like an amazing place to start. 

The same people who vote bc their candidate is pro life will say things like "it's not the governments job to care for people" well to you I say a belting amen- and then I say step up. Put your hands and feet and heart in place of your mouth. Don't just vote it, live it. Put action to your conviction. Don't vote and expect the government to carry the load. 

I too choose life, but I think that leads to responsibility for ALL life. No, it's absolutely NOT the governments job to mandate it. As a believer, It is mine. It is yours. It is ours. We must be willing to take in the orphan, to mentor the young deeply broken people, to teach our children, to have a life and home  of inclusion not exclusion, to open arms to the broken and help carry the burdens of the shamed until they can get them to the cross where all is made new. 

Then change will come. But it will take far more than a fierce opinion and a vote for a candidate in office. It will take self sacrifice and the pouring out of the light of Christ in a dark, dark place. It will cost you far more than the gas it takes it to get you to the polls, or the presumed safe life you want, but it's worth it. 

Go. Be. Love.

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